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Германия и България

Научете повече за дипломатическите отношения между Германия и България! Информацията за важни двустранни събития и за германските институции в България е обобщена тук за Вас.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier has been elected the 12th President of the Federal Republic of Germany

In a Federal Convention election held in Berlin on 12 February 2017, former German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was elected the 12th President of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Антикорупционен закон: съвместно изявление на посланици

На 2 септември българският парламент отхвърли на първо четене проектозакона срещу корупцията по високите етажи на властта...

Berlin Policy Journal

Berlin Policy Journal

The past few months have sharpened the divisions between members of the EU more than any other crisis before. It is not the first time that onlookers have predicted the imminent end of the European Union, but the strength of centrifugal forces pulling it apart seem unprecedented. In the new issue, Almut Möller (“The Disheartened Continent”) argues that Europe needs to focus on the values that unite its people to overcome the divisions tearing the continent apart. Ulrich Speck (“Player or Pawn?”) proposes a truly unified European foreign policy, and Andreas Rinke (“The Last European” – app only) describes the German chancellor’s efforts to keep the EU united. Mark Leonard (“Goodbye? Hello!” – app only) says that it is not Britain that wants to leave the EU, but a part of the British elite that is pushing the “Leave” campaign. BERLIN POLICY JOURNAL is a bimonthly app magazine on international affairs, edited in Germany’s capital. Each issue sets a theme and reports on a diverse range of current and emerging foreign policy topics, aiming at making German and European foreign policy. Published by the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP)

Auswärtiges Amt Berlin

3. Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

For the third time, more than 200 high-ranking politicians, government officials, business representatives, journalists and experts will gather in Berlin at the invitation of the Körber Foundation and...

Germany and Europe

The making of German government policy on Europe

Nowadays European policy covers all policy fields. To be an effective advocate of Germany’s interests in Europe, the Federal Government needs efficient policy coordination mechanisms.

The Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs

Sigmar Gabriel

Sigmar Gabriel

EU Council Presidency

EU-Ratspräsidentschaft von Malta 1.1. bis 30.6.2017

In the first half of 2017, Malta will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Новини от Германия


Тук ще намерите най-актуалните новини от Германия.

Ten reasons for Europe

Die EU besteht jetzt aus 28 Mitgliedstaaten

The question "Do we still need the European Union?" may be asked – and it can still be answered with an unequivocal "Yes". Ten reasons are outlined here.

Germany’s human rights policy

Human Rights Council

Human rights policy is the responsibility of all policymakers in Germany: there can be no “human rights-free zones” either in foreign policy, security policy or in any other policy field.

Politics in Germany

Sitzung der OSZE im Bundestag

EU news – Finding out more about Brussels & co

Europaparlament Straßeburg

With its many institutions, the European Union occasionally seems like something of a labyrinth but a new website has been launched to help. At europa.eu/news, people wanting to know more can access news from all the EU institutions.