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2017-5-22 20:27

Daimler expands its e-battery production

During a groundbreaking ceremony in eastern Germany, premium carmaker Daimler has confirmed its e-mobility ambitions. The company is building another huge factory for the production of e-batteries.

2017-5-22 17:14

A German Internet Institute: What will it be?

It's been years coming. The German government will now reveal who's been chosen to run a new national internet institute. The idea is to study digitalization's affects on society and feed that back into the loop.

2017-5-22 16:22

Struggling Cathay Pacific cuts 600 jobs

Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific has announced that it's laying off 600 staff members in a "tough but necessary" attempt to repair damage to its bottom line. It's the company's biggest round of job cuts in 20 years.

2017-5-22 15:42

India's slum artists caught between a rock and a hard place

The authorities had promised to remodel Delhi's famous artist colony, but the project has landed in hot water due to the residents' reluctance to leave old houses, capitalist greed and the officials' high-handedness.

2017-5-22 15:15

Ford fires CEO Fields over performance

The American carmaker giant has replaced chief executive Mark Fields. It's a significant managerial shake-up amid growing investor unease over the company's stock market performance and outlook.

2017-5-22 14:31

Preachers of prosperity: faith as business

Five centuries ago, Martin Luther reformed the Christian church to prevent the marketing of religion. But in Africa, the debate over blending God and money is a very timely one.

2017-5-22 12:46

Camping boom continues unabated

Germany's camping sites continue to profit from the great demand to holiday close to nature. Comfortable caravans and campers bring in more affluent customers. 2017 looks set to be a record breaking year.

2017-5-22 11:31

Australian mining magnate to donate chunk of his fortune

Andrew Forrest, founder and chairman of iron ore giant Fortescue Metals Group, has made the biggest single philanthropic donation in Australian history to support a variety of social and scientific causes.

Aktuelle Wirtschaftslage 2. Quartal 2010

Deutschland ist stärker als viele andere Länder mit der Weltwirtschaft verflochten. Jeder vierte Euro wird im Export verdient, jeder fünfte Arbeitsplatz hängt vom Außenhandel ab.

Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland

Das Statistische Bundesamt hat den Auftrag, statistische Informationen bereitzustellen und zu verbreiten, die objektiv, unabhängig und qualitativ hochwertig sind. Diese Informationen stehen allen zur Verfügung: Politik, Regierung, Verwaltung, Wirtschaft und Bürgern.