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2017-6-29 4:31

'Pharma bro' Shkreli's trial begins as ex-pharma CEO faces allegations of cheating investors

Martin Shkreli could face 20 years in prison for securities fraud if found guilty. The ex-head of a pharmaceuticals firm is known for having bought rights to a life-saving medicine and raising its price by 5,000 percent.

2017-6-29 0:44

US tells airlines to boost screening, but wider laptop ban on hold

The US Department of Homeland Security has said airlines and airports would be required to introduce enhanced screening methods - both of people and luggage. Those that don't comply could face tough sanctions.

2017-6-28 17:13

Kenya first in Africa to enroll new generic AIDS drug

Kenya's government and the global health initiative UNITAID announced Wednesday that the East African nation will make the generic version of Dolutegravir available for routine use.

2017-6-28 16:22

Refugees in Germany tumble easily into debt traps

Limited German language skills and an unclear understanding of legal contracts make refugees easy victims for companies. But one consumer services office has some tips to avoid debt defaults and long-term payments.

2017-6-28 15:26

Trump moves to withdraw US water protection

US President Donald Trump has taken action to reverse an Obama-era rule that protects water from pollution nationwide. The rule has been a thorn in the side of industry - now, it could be scrapped.

2017-6-28 15:21

Germany's Schäuble sets out pre-election budget

The German government has set out its financial plans three months prior to elections. Its 2018 budget and longer-term financial plan until 2021 project some 15-billion-euro surplus, enough for voter-friendly tax cuts.

2017-6-28 15:03

Nuclear waste-carrying ship sails for first time on German river

Highly radioactive waste from a nuclear plant has been transported for the first time on a river in Germany. Protesters managed to temporarily halt the ship after they rappelled down from a bridge over the Neckar River.

2017-6-28 12:56

Chinese firms boost presence in Africa

A new report by McKinsey Africa says China's engagement with Africa is more than thought before, and its investments could triple in the next ten years.

Aktuelle Wirtschaftslage 2. Quartal 2010

Deutschland ist stärker als viele andere Länder mit der Weltwirtschaft verflochten. Jeder vierte Euro wird im Export verdient, jeder fünfte Arbeitsplatz hängt vom Außenhandel ab.

Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland

Das Statistische Bundesamt hat den Auftrag, statistische Informationen bereitzustellen und zu verbreiten, die objektiv, unabhängig und qualitativ hochwertig sind. Diese Informationen stehen allen zur Verfügung: Politik, Regierung, Verwaltung, Wirtschaft und Bürgern.