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2017-12-15 11:47

Under pressure, Ryanair recognizes unions

With the threat of pilot strikes across Europe, the Irish low-cost carrier has bowed to employee pressure and says it will now accept unions for the first time in its three-decade history.

2017-12-15 4:23

Donald Trump thanks Russia's Vladimir Putin for praising American economy

The US president offered his thanks to his Russian counterpart in a phone call. The two also discussed the crisis in North Korea and bilateral relations.

2017-12-15 1:58

NASA uses Google artificial intelligence to discover eighth planet in distant solar system

Researchers from the US space agency and the tech giant have taught a computer to review massive amounts of Kepler Telescope star data. The discovery puts a distant solar system's planetary count on par with our own.

2017-12-14 21:21

EU extends economic sanctions against Russia, agrees to new defense force

EU leaders agreed to continue economic sanctions against Russia for another six months. Meeting at a summit in Brussels, the bloc's top politicians also discussed migration and security, revealing national differences.

2017-12-14 20:47

Daimler delivers first all-electric trucks in Europe

The trucks division of German carmaker Daimler has delivered its first fully electric lorries to companies in Europe, as the global race to mass produce the first generation of "green trucks" heats up.

2017-12-14 19:17

FCC repeals US net neutrality in major blow to internet ecosystem

The US telecom regulator voted to undo net neutrality rules that force internet service providers to apply the same standards to all data they transmit. Companies will be able to decide how consumers access the internet.

2017-12-14 19:08

Disney to buy Twenty-First Century Fox assets

Walt Disney Company will buy film, television and international businesses from Rupert Murdoch?s 21st Century Fox in a deal that could reshape the media world, challenging Netflix and other emerging tech platforms.

2017-12-14 16:23

No changes to ECB monetary policy

The European Central Bank has left interest rates and massive support for the eurozone economy unchanged, despite sharp upgrades to the bank's growth forecasts. But inflation will remain stubbornly low, the ECB says.

Aktuelle Wirtschaftslage 2. Quartal 2010

Deutschland ist stärker als viele andere Länder mit der Weltwirtschaft verflochten. Jeder vierte Euro wird im Export verdient, jeder fünfte Arbeitsplatz hängt vom Außenhandel ab.

Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland

Das Statistische Bundesamt hat den Auftrag, statistische Informationen bereitzustellen und zu verbreiten, die objektiv, unabhängig und qualitativ hochwertig sind. Diese Informationen stehen allen zur Verfügung: Politik, Regierung, Verwaltung, Wirtschaft und Bürgern.