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2018-3-16 15:58

EU prepares revenue-based tax on US tech giants

The European Commission is to unveil plans for a digital tax on big US tech companies. The move is aimed at recovering billions of euros from multinationals that divert their earnings to low-tax nations.

2018-3-16 13:47

Report: Patients' data lay unsecured after 'NaProt' app glitch

Patients' data used when German services rush to emergencies lay unprotected in the internet until recently, says the magazine c't. Its disclosure coincides with a lengthy German debate about electronic health cards.

2018-3-16 12:30

Leipzig Book Fair: right-wing publishers debate continues

While there's a plethora of topics on the program for the Leipzig Book Fair, there's one thing on everyone's minds: the presence of right-wing publishers at the trade fair. Not a new subject, but a hotly debated one.

2018-3-16 12:14

Can a UK brewery 'make the Earth great again?'

Sourced from areas most affected by global warming, Brewdog's Make Earth Great Again "protest" beer promises to promote climate change awareness. But is it enough to bring about policy change?

2018-3-16 12:00

Siemens' Healthineers surge in stock market debut

The German industrial giant has floated the shares of its Healthineers unit on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, after muted initial interest from investors. But on the first trading day the stock made healthy gains.

2018-3-16 11:43

How France's Emmanuel Macron wants to reform the EU

The French president wants to further centralize the eurozone. While Germany backs reform, Berlin is reluctant to support a "transfer union" that would see it pay more than it gets. DW examines what's on the table.

2018-3-16 9:48

Egypt sees tourism rebound

Travel agencies, hotel managers, and diving centres told that reservations are rising especially in Red Sea destinations such as Hurghada and Marsa Alam. EgyptAir to resume Moscow flights on April 12.

2018-3-16 5:04

Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel meeting a test for EU financial policy

For months, French President Emmanuel Macron has been waiting for a response from Berlin regarding his EU reform ideas. Now Angela Merkel is coming to Paris as the re-elected chancellor. But he shouldn?t expect too much.

Aktuelle Wirtschaftslage 2. Quartal 2010

Deutschland ist stärker als viele andere Länder mit der Weltwirtschaft verflochten. Jeder vierte Euro wird im Export verdient, jeder fünfte Arbeitsplatz hängt vom Außenhandel ab.

Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland

Das Statistische Bundesamt hat den Auftrag, statistische Informationen bereitzustellen und zu verbreiten, die objektiv, unabhängig und qualitativ hochwertig sind. Diese Informationen stehen allen zur Verfügung: Politik, Regierung, Verwaltung, Wirtschaft und Bürgern.