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2017-4-24 14:15

China's Southeast Asia investments: A blessing or a curse?

For Southeast Asian countries, an increased economic cooperation with China can be a double-edged sword. Beijing's investment initiatives are not only aimed at regional connectivity, they also seek ideological hegemony.

2017-4-24 12:01

Japan to test-drive teleworking ahead of 2020 Olympics

Tokyo's famously congested public transport system will face added pressure during the games, so the government is pushing firms to break with tradition and allow employees to work from home. Julian Ryall reports.

2017-4-24 10:58

Poland and Industry 4.0 in the spotlight of Hanover industry fair

German chancellor Angela Merkel has opened the world's biggest industrial fair. Poland is the partner nation of the fair that also seeks to allay fears from technological advances associated with Industry 4.0.

2017-4-24 10:30

Kenyans turn to camels to cope with climate change

While parts of Kenya are becoming drier, a growing number of people are starting to keep camels. The animals are more drought-resistant than cows - and their highly nutritious milk is catching on around the world.

2017-4-24 10:15

European shares surge on French election relief

European bourses have made significant opening gains and the euro briefly vaulted to five-month peaks after the market's favored candidate, Emmanuel Macron, won through the first round of the French election.

2017-4-24 3:09

Global defense spending increases

According to the latest report published by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), countries around the world are spending ever more money on weapons. Diplomacy, it seems, is in retreat.

2017-4-23 19:11

Bangladesh: Sewing full-time for 61 euros a month

Four years ago the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1,100 people. Working conditions have improved since then, but wages have not. Maria Zimmerman reports from Dhaka.

2017-4-23 10:18

Saudi king fires ministers, scraps pay cuts

Saudi Arabia's King Salman has sacked key officials, including the head of the army embroiled in Yemen's conflict. He's also erased cuts made last year to Saudi civil servants' pay, prompted by oil revenue falls.

Aktuelle Wirtschaftslage 2. Quartal 2010

Deutschland ist stärker als viele andere Länder mit der Weltwirtschaft verflochten. Jeder vierte Euro wird im Export verdient, jeder fünfte Arbeitsplatz hängt vom Außenhandel ab.

Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland

Das Statistische Bundesamt hat den Auftrag, statistische Informationen bereitzustellen und zu verbreiten, die objektiv, unabhängig und qualitativ hochwertig sind. Diese Informationen stehen allen zur Verfügung: Politik, Regierung, Verwaltung, Wirtschaft und Bürgern.