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Currywurst Увеличаване на снимка (© picture alliance / dpa)
И в кулинарен аспект си заслужава да се посети Германия. Редом с обилната, традиционна кухня многобройните гурме-отличия доказват високото качество и креативност на германските ресторанти. Изтънчените германски вина допълват палитрата.

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German bread and delights

Germany has 300 different kinds of bread Every German who has visited friends or family around the Mediterranean, in the Middle East or in America knows what they will say when asked what they would l...



For Berliners, the currywurst, or curried sausage, with its spicy ketchup sauce is more than just a fast-food snack: it is a means of survival, a tradition and a regional speciality. It comes in a number of variants: served with a bread roll or with chips (and perhaps a dollop of mayonnaise) or – for the absolute purists – on its own; the sausage with or without skin, served whole or cut into ready-to-eat chunks. The currywurst was invented in post-war Berlin, with Hamburg and Ruhr District cities desperately vying for recognition as the place where it all began.

Weinberg in Volkach

German Wines - Leading the Field Again Worldwide

Germany’s winegrowing regions are among the most northerly in the world. That is what makes German wines so distinctive: the grapes enjoy long periods of growth in moderate summer heat, which gives the wines their renowned lightness and fruity aroma. Except for two regions in eastern Germany, all the country’s winegrowing areas are in the south and south-west, where they are subject to the mild Gulf Stream climate from the west and the dry continental climate from the east.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Red Wines

This is one of the world’s best-known grape varieties, with some 165,000 hectares planted worldwide. In Germany, however, its cultivation area covers only 270 hectares (Riesling: 21,000 hectares), more than half of them in the Palatinate. The grape is only slowly gaining a foothold in Germany.


White Wines

Chardonnay wines are suitable for all sorts of drinking occasions. Like many other ancient grape varieties, Chardonnay originated in the Middle East. As viticulture spread, the variety found a new home in France, particularly in Burgundy. This internationally successful variety is gaining ground in Germany, too, where the cultivation of Chardonnay has only been officially permitted since 1991.

Essen und Trinken

Cabernet Sauvignon

Young Germany Special "New German Cuisine"

"New German Cuisine"

Follow Young Germany as we explore the world of New German Cuisine. How the country's top chefs are reinventing classical dishes using traditional ingredients fused with new ideas from Germany's multicultural landscape. Meet Sören Anders, who at 25 is the country's youngest Michelin star chef, and the Generation Riesling, young German vintners bringing German wines around the world. And if you aspire to work in the profession, learn where you too can study gastronomy and restaurant management.

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