Защо да изучаваме немски език?

Familie begeistert vor einem Computer Увеличаване на снимка (© www.colourbox.com)  Информация за хора, които искат през 21-ви век да са на предна-та линия. Като първи или втори език на около 125 милиона души немският език принадлежи към най-значимите езици в световен мащаб. В Европа 101 милиона души говорят немски език като майчин език. В институциите на Европейския съюз той е след английския и редом с френцкия най-важния работен език.

Jojo II-Telenovela

Deutsche Welle: New paths to learning German

On July 5, Deutsche Welle (DW) began season two of its telenovela for German learners: "Jojo sucht das Glück" (Jojo's Search for Happiness), which premiered at the International German Olympics (IDO) in Frankfurt.

Deutsch - Sprache der Ideen

Inspiring people to learn German

With the campaign “German – Language of Ideas” Federal Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle aims to promote learning German as a foreign language abroad. Minister of State Pieper introduced the campaign at the Federal Foreign Office. German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. Nearly 15 million people speak and learn German as a foreign language. However, in recent years there has been a decline in the number of people learning German. Pieper called this trend an “alarming sign” that the German Government was determined to counter. After all, language was a foundation for establishing good relations between countries.

Deutsche Sprache

German – A Language Learned all over the World, but Firmly Rooted in Europe

German is the second foreign language in the European Union (EU) and when it comes to the 90 million people whose mother tongue is German, it is actually in first place. It is also officially recognised as a minority language in eight countries Does this then mean we should not worry about the status of the German language in Europe? The answer unfortunately is - yes, we should be concerned, as the German language plays only a minor role in the institutions of the EU.

Das Tagesschau-Studio mit Moderator Jens Riewa

Newscast from Deutsche Welle for German learners

Every day, you can find the newscast from Deutsche Welle's German Service here -- slowly read and clearly articulated just for German learners. [in German]

Jugendliche vor dem Computer

Learn German - German to-go: Deutsche Welle's free offer

Improve your German with Deutsche Welle's audio and video programs, which include language lessons for beginners, information about Germany and news in German.

Защо да изучаваме немски език?

Deutsch lernen

Game Show for German Learners – Two Teams, One Goal: Berlin!

Spielshow für Deutschlehrer

Starting Thursday, September 5, Deutsche Welle (DW) and the Goethe-Institut will send six German learners from around the world on a special journey through Germany with unique challenges. Their goal: a ticket to Berlin.

Инициативата “Училища: Партньори на бъдещето”

Schulen: Partner der Zukunft

Образованието създава преспектива – знанието на повече езици отваря хоризонти. В нашите училища-парньори в чужбина ние искаме не само да направим достъпен нашия език и образовние, но и да събудим интерес към разбирателство помежду ни. Подробности за инициативата “Училища: Партньори на бъдещето” ще намерите на линковете, публикувани по-долу:

Learning German with the Band Einshoch6

Deutsche Welle invites German learners around the world to improve their language skills and discover Germany with hip-hop band EINSHOCH6. The new video series "Bandtagebuch" (Band Diary) was launched...

Tag der deutschen Sprache

Tag der deutschen Sprache Audio File

Am 8. September 2012 geht an alle Menschen in Deutschland eine Bitte: Sie mögen sich an diesem Tag um die deutsche Sprache kümmern, sich austauschen, für sie begeistern und sie am Leben halten - begleitet von vielen Veranstaltungen des Vereins Deutsche Sprache.

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