The Cultural Preservation Programme of the Federal Foreign Office

Kuti-e Bagthscha: Frauen restaurieren Emirs Pavillon in Kabul Увеличаване на снимка (© Afghan Rehabilitation Group e.V. ) Since 1981 the Federal Republic of Germany has supported the preservation of cultural heritage across the world through the Federal Foreign Office’s Cultural Preservation Programme, with the aim of strengthening people’s sense of their own national identity in the partner country and fostering cultural dialogue among partners. The Programme has become a very effective instrument of German cultural relations and education policy.

Funding goes to projects

- conserving cultural heritage abroad

- preserving German cultural heritage abroad, except in historical Ger¬man settlements in eastern Europe (which fall under the remit of the Federal Govern¬ment Commissioner for Culture and the Media)

Possible measures:

  • restoring and conserving historic buildings or objects
  • collecting and documenting oral traditions in music and literature
  • conserving and digitising historic manuscripts and audio recordings
  • conducting initial and further training for restoration specialists, archivists and museum experts
  • providing equipment

Die Osmanischen Qaisariyen im Basar von Erbil Увеличаване на снимка (© TU Berlin/DAI/Kurapkat) Between 1981 and 2016 just under 2750 projects in 144 countries received support totalling around 70 million euros. Most of these projects had the goal of preserving historic cultural heritage abroad.
Generally, support is provided for projects which can be completed within a year, but occasionally funding also goes to projects running over two or three years. The amount of annual funding given to individual projects varies from under 1000 euros to, in rare cases, over 100,000 euros. Where possible, both experts and the local population in the partner country are involved in implementing the projects, which ideally also include a local training component.

Funding is not given for excavations, purely academic research projects or symposiums.

More information is available on the Cultural Preservation Programme website

Cultural Preservation Programme

Die Manuskripte aus Timbuktu

Criteria for project promotion within the context of the Cultural Preservation Programme of the Federal Foreign Office

Mausoleum Shadi-Mulk-Aga/Usbekistan

This set of criteria drawn up by the Federal Foreign Office specifies what kinds of projects are eligible for funding, the prerequisites as well as the application process.

Worlds of Culture

Rettung der Wandmalereien des Vat Sisaket in Vientiane

The trilingual volume “Worlds of Culture” published by the Federal Foreign Office presents just some of the hundreds of projects being supported around the world which highlight the importance of cultural preservation in foreign policy. It gives an idea of the immense cultural heritage we all share.