How is Germany seen around the world?

Nation Brands Index Увеличаване на снимка (© Photothek/Grabowsky) Germany comes 2nd in international image survey

In the Nation Brands Index, a global survey ranking 50 countries in terms of their attractiveness, Germany has once again taken second place. The United States came out top and Britain took third place.

The results show that Germany is perceived as a reliable and trustworthy country which stands also for modernity and progress. In the sphere of the economy and innovation Germany scored especially well. Respondents rated its investment and business climate and the quality of its products particularly highly. In terms of creativity, too, Germans were seen as very talented. As a location for science and technology, Germany likewise achieved high scores. These results confirm what a BBC survey has also found: Germany has a good reputation abroad.

The Nation Brands Index (NBI) is an annual survey that measures the positive attributes and attractiveness of 50 countries in total. Every year 1000 respondents in twenty different countries post online their personal assessment of the nations surveyed. The categories rated are Exports, Governance, Tourism, Investment/Immigration, Culture/Cultural Heritage, and People. The NBI was developed by British expert Simon Anholt.

Nation Brands Index 2012