300 Hours of Pre-Christmas Excitement

A white-and-golden robe, long blond curls and a golden crown: the Nuremberg Christmas Angel looks back on a rich six-hundred-year-old tradition and is the symbolic figure at Nuremberg’s Christkindlesmarkt. On the Friday before Advent (27 November) Nuremberg’s Christmas Angel opens Germany’s most famous Christmas Market with a solemn prologue which she recites from the gallery of the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche).

In the past few days over 150 wooden stalls with red-and-white striped canvas roofs have been built to form a little town on Nuremberg’s main market square. It’s where some 200 traders offer their typical Christmas wares ranging from Nuremberg gingerbread and mulled wine to glittering golden angels, nativity scenes and Christmas tree decorations. The most popular souvenirs or presents from the Christmas Market include the “Nuremberg Plum People”, little figures made of prunes.

Увеличаване на снимка (© picture-alliance/ dpa)

28 days and almost 300 hours of pre-Christmas excitement: up until 24 December the city of Nuremberg is expecting over two million visitors at the Christkindlesmarkt, with many guests from abroad. And the market itself offers a bright international atmosphere with stalls representing the city’s twin towns of Antalya in Turkey, San Carlos in Nicaragua and Shenzhen in China.

Nuremberg’s Christmas Angel, a 16 to 19-year-old young lady from the city who is chosen every two years, has a busy programme to fulfil during Advent with some 150 appointments. For instance, the Christmas messenger invites children to fairy story time at the “House of Stars”, visits the city’s charity organizations and pays seasonal visits to Nuremberg’s Scottish sister city, Glasgow.

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