Recipe for Stuffed Christmas Goose

Weihnachtsgans im Ofen (© dap-PA)

Preparing the stuffed goose:

·         Remove the goose’s fat gland on the upper side of the rump. Rinse the goose thoroughly inside and out and dry with kitchen roll. Rinse the rosemary, shake it dry, and finely chop the plucked needles.

·         Rub the inside of the goose with salt and the outside with pepper and rosemary.

The stuffing:

·         Rinse the apples and rub them dry. Take three of the apples (halved or whole), insert the spices into them and fill the cavity of the goose with them.

·         Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius, or 180 degrees if using a convection oven.

·         Use an apple corer to remove the cores of the remaining apples. Cut the lemon grass into approximately 3 cm long pieces and press these into the apples.

·         Place the goose breast side down in a large roasting tin. Add approximately 300 ml of water and cook the goose in the covered roasting tin for about 2 ½-3 hours.

·         Turn the goose. Place the spice-filled apples in the roasting tin and cook for another 40 minutes without the lid.

·         Arrange the goose and the apples on a platter. Pass the juices through a strainer, remove the fat (see tip below) and season with honey, salt and pepper. Use gravy thickener if desired. Serve the gravy with the meat.

Ready in 4 hours 30 minutes

Per portion approximately 2215 kcal, Protein: 142 g, Fat: 147 g, Carbohydrates: 24 g.


Goose fat

Geese have a great deal of fat. This is best skimmed off with a ladle when the goose is cooked or separated from the juices using a fat separator. The goose fat is ideal for making fried potatoes or hearty stews. Or you can use it to make fine dripping: as goose fat is very soft, add approximately 1/3 pork dripping as well as a little rubbed marjoram, diced onion and, if desired, diced apple. Lightly brown the mixture in hot fat. Once it has cooled, keep in the fridge.

Christmas Goose Recipe

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